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Adoptable Dogs

We have several older dogs looking for their retirement homes!

If you are interested in adopting, please email us at

Adoptable Dogs

These dogs have worked hard and are ready to live the life of a spoiled pet!

Our dogs will require some time to adjust to house life as they have lived most of their lives outdoors, surrounded by their pack. Before contacting us please consider if you have the time, patience, and lifestyle for one of these dogs.


Female, Spayed, 13 years

Chrissy is a super sweet dog. She can take a little while to open up to new people, but is very loving and affectionate when she feels comfortable with you. Chrissy will be content with lighter activity than the rest of our available dogs.

We feel that Chrissy would do best in a quieter home without children or other pets.



Male, 13 years

Ricky wants ALL of your attention and can be pretty vocal about it. He particularly likes having his haunches scratched and will do a little dance while you're scratching.

We think Ricky would do best in a home with a fenced in yard that he has access to throughout the day. He May take some additional time with house training. Ricky would do well with a female dog and may do well with the right male dog.



Male, 10 years

Yukon is a smart dog who still loves to pull and would be a great adventuring buddy. He was born deaf, so he will require some non-verbal training. He is also bling in one eye and will require his new family to continue giving prescription eye drops.

Yukon is still an active dog we would like to see him go to a home that can provide him with an outlet for his energy. Yukon has been inside a house before and interacted well with a calm, friendly cat.



Male, 9 years

Moose is an affectionate dog who is still energetic and enjoys pulling and running. Moose would like for you to take him hiking or skiing  and then spend the evenings on the couch snuggling with you.

Moose would do best as an only dog or with a female dog. 

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